• How can I charge my phone at the festival?
    Battery low? We've got a solution:
    1. rent a Chimpy, cable inclusive
    2. charge your phone on the go
    3. return your Chimpy & cable, get back your deposit.

  • What is the price?
    • Single rental: 
      CHF 5 (+ CHF 15 deposit)
    • Festival Unlimited: as many rentals as you want
      CHF 15* (+ CHF 15 deposit) - only available on pre-sale!

      *depending on Festival

  • How does the Festival Unlimited work?
    With the Festival Unlimited wristband you can rent unlimited Chimpy Powerbanks for only CHF 15* (+ CHF 15 deposit).
    Choose your favourite Festival and pre-order your Festival Unlimited now!
    Come to our stand at the festival and pick up your wristband.

    *depending on Festival

  • How do I find the Chimpy stand?
    You can find the location on the map of the area and our opening times on the pre-order page of your favorite festival.

  • Is the charging cable included?
    We have cables for every smartphone: IPhone-cables (lightning), Android and Windows-devices (micro USB, USB C). Tell us what you need! The cable is included in the price.

  • How many times can I charge my smartphone? How fast is the charging process?
    Our power banks contain 5’000 mAh of solar power. This is enough to charge every smartphone at least once, some devices even twice. The charging process is as fast as at charging at the power outlet.

  • Which devices can I charge?

    With your Chimpy you can charge your smartphone, bluetooth speakers, headphones, other power banks and tablets. The battery can be charged up to full charge, depending on the device (seet “How many times can I charge my phone?”).

  • How do I get the deposit back? 
    You can return your Chimpy at the festival or at over 2’500 other Chimpy locations, or even swap it with a new one. Find all locations in our App or here. Just bring back your Chimpy at the cashier and you’ll get back your deposit in return.

    The first week after the festival is included in the rental price. From the second week on, CHF 2 per week will be detracted from the deposit. If the cable is missing, CHF 5 will be detracted from the deposit.

  • Do I have to register to rent a Chimpy Powerbank at the Festival?
    No. You can just walk by and get a Powerbank by just paying the fee and deposit. You don’t have to leave any data. Same like buying a beer.